Why We're Here

We created Hatchback to increase housing options in Seattle while complementing the character of the neighborhoods we love. By generating the opportunity for supplemental income, we stabilize homeowners and create options for their future, which helps families and communities stay connected. We encourage and empower every owner to participate in the housing economy - using their backyard to positively shape equitable growth. Our work is driven by a team of committed designers, analysts, contractors, and advisors who share our belief in backyard cottages as an innovative housing solution.

Be Human

Have lasting positive social impact
with how we run our business and
relate to our communities.

Stay Curious

Humbly listen, observe, and learn from our customers, the data, our skeptics, and our collaborators.

Think Design

Create functional, beautiful designs that challenge the status quo and improve how we relate to the world.



Shannon is the CEO of Hatchback. He cooks up ideas crazy enough they just might work.


Operations Manager

Zan coordinates everything from A to Z, including Hatchback’s systems, operations, and program strategy.


Director of Accounts

Nate is our pro guide, ensuring customers are fully supported from beginning to end.


Junior Account Manager

Lindsay is our fearless customer guide, coaching them through their entire Hatchback experience.


Marketing Manager

Jennie builds brand awareness like nobody's business, helping homeowners learn why backyard cottages are a boon!



Bev is our infallible bookkeeper. She keeps Hatchback's financial operations in order.


GIS Analyst

If it has a place in space, Eldan knows what to do with it - and how to use it to support our customers!


Financial Analyst

Ian works math magic, making real estate finance and home mortgages feel inspiring.


Web Developer

Chris is our web application guru, building the system that helps educate and energize potential customers.

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