Meet The Family

Choose between three unique styles, each with two different sizes. All of our cottages are designed to accommodate flexible uses over time and fit tastefully within Seattle's variety of neighborhoods.


2 bed • 1 bath • 1,000 sq ft + storage
24' x 24' footprint
Rufous combines clean Nordic brightness with bursts of color for a fresh, playful energy.
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2 bed • 1 bath • 993 sq ft
17' x 30' footprint
Ana's color palette and detailing bring a coastal vibe to the traditional saltbox.
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2 bed • 1 bath • 881 sq ft
17' x 30' footprint
Calliope is a classy take on PNW modern, with a quiet emphasis on warmth and simplicity.
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1 bed • 1 bath • 895 sq ft + 1 car garage
24' x 24' footprint
Rhodi mimics the cozy and playful style of Rufous, but with an alternate layout that includes a garage.
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Studio + Loft • 1 bath • 656 sq ft
17' x 30' footprint
Aster matches the coastal style of Ana, providing a roomy, open studio and spacious loft.
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Studio + Loft • 1 bath • 560 sq ft
17' x 30' footprint
Cascara is a petite version of Calliope, incorporating the same quiet warmth with a traditional sleeping loft.
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Material Moments

Our cottages incorporate timeless materials arranged to bring playfulness into everyday moments.

Our Design Ethos

Hatchback designs vibrant, tasteful community in Seattle's backyards.


Design layouts that flow with sneaky storage, lots of light, and privacy where you want it.


Have meaningful, positive financial impact on every customer's bottom line.


Build with healthy materials, 75-year construction quality, and Built Green 4-Star standard.


Create cottages designed to foster community and bring more neighbors together.


Enable owners to choose from elegant styles as varied as Seattle's neighborhoods.

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