2 Bed • 1 Bath • 1,000 sq ft + bonus storage

Rufous combines clean Nordic lines with bright airiness and bursts of color for a playful energy. Downstairs are the more intimate and simply detailed quarters, balancing the spacious open plan upstairs which is great for cooking, entertaining, or stretching out a pair of yoga mats after Dance Church.
A true cook's kitchen
13-foot ceilings
Spacious, open living-dining area
Walk-in everything
Bonus garden & bike storage
24' x 24' footprint



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Materials & Moments

Delightful materials that are sustainable and durable, all crafted into clever, playful moments.

Unique To Rufous

  • Open galley kitchen with 16’ of counter
  • Walk-in kitchen pantry
  • 13’ ceiling
  • Full walk-in laundry room
  • Exterior garden & bike storage
  • Exterior shingle siding

All Hatchback Cottages

  • 75-year construction quality
  • Fully insulated slab on grade foundation
  • Built Green 4-Star and solar-ready
  • Steel troweled, exposed concrete ground floor
  • Choice of exterior color or custom match your home
  • Finish options including tile, counters, and colors

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