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Let's Build Your Future

Adding a Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (DADU) to your backyard is the most powerful way to unlock your property's potential.
You already own the land - we'll help you figure out how to leverage it.

Building Value

• Rental income cashflow
• Increased equity growth
• Long-term property appreciation
We'll show you how to add value to your existing property with our in-depth analysis of your home economics.

Creating Flexibility

• Need a new home office?
• Grandma visiting the kids?
• Want a part-time vacation rental? 
Based on what's important to you, we'll build a backyard plan to create the flexible life you want.

Planning for the Future

• Create an alternative for senior housing
• Move in, rent the house, and travel
• Boost the value you leave your kids
Have peace of mind knowing that your backyard cottage will create options for your family and future.

How Others Are Building Their Future

Reliable Cashflow & Equity

The Nathans have owned in Ballard for a few short years and know the cost of ownership isn't getting easier. They're expecting to grow a family and want a balanced work life, which has them prioritizing monthly cashflow and faster equity growth which they'll leverage to add a bedroom or two to their bungalow in a couple years.
New Long-Term
Rental Income


New Equity Growth from the Cottage


Built-in Childcare

Susan's single mom of the decade as far as her neighbors can tell. But it still takes a village so she's grateful that Grandma can come over the pass and stay three days each week to help look after the kids. The new cottage gives her the space she needs plus enough income from weekend short-term-rentals to offset most of the costs.
Avg Cost to Finance a
2-BR Hatchback Cottage


New Short-Term Rental Income @ 33% occupied


Grandma's weekly visits to look after the kids:


Keeping Family Together

Mom and dad were planning to downsize and finally travel like they'd hoped. But when they researched new places in Seattle, they weren't sure they could afford to stay nearby. That's when we decided to go in together and build them a new home...in our backyard! The cottage gives them a great new place, keeps the family together, and helps us build equity along the way.
Avg Cost of a Seattle Independent Living 1-BR


Avg Cost to Finance a
2-BR Hatchback Cottage


House Your Future